Smarketing is a term that is still not very widespread, as is the practice to which it refers, that is, the company’s commitment to promoting alignment between marketing and sales .

Often operating according to different metrics and objectives, there are cases in which these two departments are in conflict with each other, within a corporate culture that does not always prioritize collaboration, in favor of an apparently healthy competition oriented towards results.

The economic and efficiency benefits, however, are many if you commit to implementing a smarketing strategy.

What is Smarketing?

The term smarketing more. Therefore, precisely refers to the Chinese UK situation of. Therefore, maximum alignment between sales and marketing, that is, when the two. Therefore, teams are effectively trained to operate synchronously to achieve shared objectives.

The main reasons for conflict between.

. Therefore,department regarding the quality of the leads that arrive.

Regardless of the reason for the conflict, what matters are the results, and these are more easily achieved if the two teams learn to collaborate and work synchronously.

Here are 6 good reasons that demonstrate the effectiveness of smarketing:

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1. Smarketing makes communication between teams more efficient

It often happens that communication in a company Germany Phone Number List becomes unnecessarily complicated, becoming excessively long-winded and sometimes becoming the main cause of some delay .

Good smarketing practice involves sharing not only common goals between marketing and sales, but also physical spaces and workstations. In other words, greater physical proximity between the two departments allows for gains in terms of communication efficiency .

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2. Lead quality increases
Also thanks to the improvement in communication. Mentioned above. One of the first tangible effects linked to. smarketing is a higher quality of leads.

By working closely together, marketing and sales. Can in fact compensate for the theoretical. Shortcomings that characterize the two departments. Snd achieve. In addition to a greater understanding of the. Buyer Persona , more concrete results.

For example. Marketing, which is responsible for Lead Generation . Does not have much direct contact with customers. But frequent communication with the sales department. Which instead experiences the customer on a daily basis. Would fill this gap and lead to a greater overall. Vision of the entire process as well as easier. Identification of qualitatively valid leads.

3. Some cost items are reduced

With smarketing, costs are also reduced. From various points of view. The alignment of the two departments. And the sharing of common objectives. In fact, allows first of all to work more effectively. More defined processes, necessary to carry out certain tasks and. Therefore, less costs .

The alignment then often involves the adoption of automation solutions for some of the processes implemented by the two departments, further promoting cost reduction.

Even more trivially, however, savings can also be seen in physically moving the two departments closer together , instead of keeping them distant from each other.