A keyword and you will monitor mentions

Operate at the mercy of changing customer tastes and preferences. That is why it is so important for companies in this industry not only to be present on the Internet, but also to consciously manage their reputation. Listening to the voices of consumers, which will help to find internet monitoring, therefore becomes a necessity. What is worth starting with? Monitoring helps you find mentions of any company or topic. For this purpose, it combs websites in search of specific phrases and keywords, and then collects them in one place, giving access to specific entries and their analytics. It is worth starting your adventure with Internet monitoring by checking what is being said about your restaurant online. For this, monitor your name. If it is universal, as is the case with Krakow’s vegan eatery Krowarzywa.

Worth knowing whether customers

All you have to do is enter it as only about yourself. However, restaurant names are often common words, vegetables, spices. This is the case database with the Bakłażan restaurant, for example . In order not to collect mentions containing the word “aubergine” in an inappropriate context, it is worth specifying the keyword using an additional require word, i.e. “restaurant”. I deliberately use the word restaurant in two cases – this way we will find entries such as: I was yesterday at the Bakłażan restaurant – I recommend it to everyone.


Including such nuances

Eggplant is my favorite restaurant in town. In addition, it is CG Leads any abbreviations when talking about your restaurant, or whether they write it with a  frequently repeate mistake, they do not use Polish characters. in the design will reveal the largest number of mentions. In addition to your name, you can also monitor: discussions about competitors; discussions about the cuisine you offer to invite people who are looking for a restaurant like yours; your campaigns.

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