A tribute to history and a step towards the future The .IA Antikythera Island Project seeks to create a new. IA Country Code Top Level Domain  for the territory of Antikythera Island where the. To Antikythera Mechanism consider the first analog computer in the world. Was rescue from a wreck. history. This ccTLD would not only be a tribute to this technological milestone. But would also mark a milestone towards a more diverse and inclusive future in the. Field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A new dawn for AI: the .IA domain Why. Tribute to the cradle of technology: .IA pays tribute to. Antikythera Island and the Antikythera Mechanism, A symbol of human ingenuity and a precursor to AI. Linguistic.

A opens the doors to participation

In AI in different languages, breaking the hegemony of English and democratizing access to this technology. Responsible digital space IA seeks to promote the development of responsible, ethical AI with a human focus. A new dawn for AI: the .IA domain Opportunities for Europe The. Domain represents a great opportunity for Europe: Innovation Canada Telegram Number Data Catalyst .AI can attract talent and investment to the continent, driving the development of new AI technologies and applications. Strengthening global position AI allows Europe to compete more effectively with other players such as the Unite States and China on the global AI stage. Fairer and more equitable future: .AI opens the door to the participation of actors of diverse languages ​​and cultures, allowing AI to be use to solve problems and improve the lives of people around the world.

A more diverse and inclusive future

For AI Until now, the English language has dominate the AI ​​and technology landscape in general, Both in research and application development. The creation of the .IA ccTLD opens the door to. The participation of other languages ​​and cultures in this field, allowing people from. To  all over the world to contribute and benefit from AI in their own language. A Brazil Telegram Number new dawn for AI: the .IA domain The crossroads of AI We have barely touch the equator of the 21st century, and new technologies are already bursting in with overwhelming force. Artificial intelligence, Its application generates debate, dividing opinions between those who see it as a threat and those who consider it an opportunity for endless activities.