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And also powerful economic development. Before. People used the lima airport to go to other places in the country. Now they stay for Indonesia Mobile Number Database the gastronomy. Up to a week of restaurant tours are organized. He details. The new urban agenda, the document that will be approved this at habitat iii with the consensus of the un countries, reserves three of its 175 paragraphs for specifically cultural topics, although many others are more or less present transversally. The text, which should serve as a guide for global urban planning in the next 20 years. Establishes the commitment to include culture as “a priority in urban plans.

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Habitat iii event urban art has been a way of dialogue in countries with a level of conflict as high as those from central Australia Phone Number List graffiti theater, street installations, the circus. The peace process in . For example, workshop schools have been created where former criminals are recovering through urban art.” but these are not only projects aimed directly at solving problems. In the words of , president of the international association of urban planner. and culture are an essential part of the built environment, planning processes and experiential design.