So far it’s been 1-2 weeks. Collaboration begins After talking with his wife and his two or three friends, is sure that the idea he has is a very good one. He quickly understands that in order to manage calls, be able to sell his system masse and also bill it – he needs a teleoperator’s network. Starts looking for appointments, a few weeks later, he has found out that it is the value-added services manager who is in charge of evaluating this type of services. Is a person who has been in the teleoperator for 10-15 years. He knows the mobile and fixed network and the possibilities of their networks very well.

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commercials say about the market requirement ( businesses in this case ) – Businesses want a faster data network, since mobile data prices should go down. Also because he is a client with 1000 employees, he wants a 30% discount on his terminals. This is what the company tells the teleoperator about its need – but it is not a general need in terms Korea Phone Number Data of communications, but rather a need towards the teleoperator – and that is what the salesperson communicates to the value-added services manager. Apart from the sale of voice and data lines, if there is no management and a budget for marketing value-added services, you will never be able to do business with value-added services, simply because there is no information about the needs of the companies.

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a woman having a phone in hand is lucky and in the case of this mobile operator, they have a sales department of value-added services (VAS) for companies. What happens is that company Italy Phone Number List is not registered as a provider, which means that it must register as a provider, making an SVA contract (exclusive) that promises 30% of the income if the teleoperator is able to sell the service. in question. The teleoperator does not commit to anything,  Nothing happens, at the same time has had time to develop the product to a higher level to be able to make demos to potential clients.