have achieved economic growth thanks to environmentally friendly products. A second aspect that keeps GE at the forefront of innovation is its commitment to open innovation. A strategy that leads some companies to go beyond the limits of the organization, establishing relationships with expert professionals in a beneficial relationship for the agents involved. As the General Electric report reveals, growing collaborative innovation among companies in emerging markets serves as a means to generate revenue and outperform their competitors. Given that it is increasingly difficult to maintain competitiveness in a rapidly globalized world. Establish innovation as a strategic priority in the face of the high competitiveness of a time in which rapid globalization is more of a necessity than an option.

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Ecomagination, it is possible to achieve economic growth by being friendly to the environment. Open innovation. In a globalized world, it is important to have all the talent possible, even if it is outside our company. More and more companies are choosing to overcome Spain Phone Number Data the limits of their organization and draw on the experience and human capital available. Span Pic 8.jpg 3. Lego It began its professional career in 1930, as a family business dedicated to creating wooden toys and became one of the most popular toys of all time. Although talking about LEGO is talking about million-dollar sales figures, in the 90s, the company found itself in the position of changing its company.

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Other interests and measures towards innovation were the answer to remain relevant. But this tool, which was the salvation of the company, Bankruptcy. found itself on the brink of bankruptcy. What motivated this event? Despite having opted for innovation as an alternative to stay at the forefront and Qatar Phone Number List having been reinforced with a team of creative people focused on clients, the strategy was not well defined. Hence the importance of efficient innovation, giving yourself license to innovate is not enough. Fortunately, it changed its philosophy of innovation and managed to emerge stronger from the situation. The first thing when faced with an error is to analyze the causes.