The director of marvel hits. The avengers and the avengers. Age of ultron launched save the day, an independent .Political organization with the mission of promoting voting in. The next presidential election in the united states. To do this, he recruited actors from the. Avengers franchise, such as robert downey jr. And scarlett johansson.As well as a dozen other figures for a video that highlights. The importance of the elections while. Launching small darts against donald trump. Those who appear in the tongue.-in-cheek three-minute video claim that so many celebrities only come together when it’s a. Matter of general importance like illness. Disaster, or, as actor don cheadle says. In the message, “A racist, cowardly bully.” that can permanently. Damage the fabric of our society.

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Musical hamilton, leslie odom jr., asks: “Do we really want to give nuclear. Weapons to a man whose quality is shooting things. The ad also Qatar Mobile Number Database shows the stars jokingly telling viewers that if they vote, mark. Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie. “wait, what?”, responds a surprised ruffalo. “they should vote just because it is important. On its website save the day describes itself as “a small production. Company dedicated to the idea that voting is a heroic and necessary act. And he gives the example of. Where currently almost all pregnant women are tested for. Down syndrome and almost 100% of women with a. Positive diagnosis choose to have an abortion. It is not a tragedy, but a comedy . The doctor told us: ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ the nurse started to cry. “I don’t think anyone said anything positive. Known for her roles in the jones films and the “Miranda” series. When her son was 10 days old. He was tested to see if he had down syndrome.

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They told me the news as if my. Son was going to die,” he says. But life with is nothing like what he was warned about. “They told me it was a UAE Phone Number List tragedy when in reality it is a comedy,” he says. “It’s like in those comedy series where something seems to go wrong, but in the end there is nothing wrong.” describes his life as “Slightly more fun than other families”, and it’s all thanks to . The actress also has two other younger children, neither of whom have this genetic alteration. Has changed my life and that . Of my family for the better. His self-control is slightly worse than the rest, which is very funny because he often says exactly what everyone is thinking but no one dares to say. «he also cares a lot about everyone. He is the only one of my three. Children who asks me every day how my day was. He is very affectionate. He really focuses on other people.