What is your shopping pattern?
Although shopping may seem ordinary, it can reveal your personality! Just think about it, which of the following situations do you usually do when shopping? Please select an option that is closest to your shopping pattern.

When you are in a bad mood, you ne to go shopping

B. If you have nothing to do, go shopping and see what you can buy.

C. I don’t go shopping when I have nothing to do. I only go to the store to buy something when I’m short of something.

D. When new products are launch, you have to queue up all night to be the first to buy them.
D Fashionable and cutting-ge
No matter what type you are, remember these hidden dangers together!
A. Impulsive shopping type
If you choose this option, you regard Lithuania Phone Number List shopping as a way to vent. It can bring you a sense of satisfaction during the shopping process, which means that you are a person who knows how to resolve your emotions and how to love yourself! In the eyes of others, you may think, “Why did you buy something again?” or “Are you sure you will use these things?”, but you don’t care at all! Because the money you earn, you spend by yourself! Others can’t care~~

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You know how to love yourself,


what’s the most likely fraud mentality? !
Do you rush to place an order when you Singapore Phone Number List see “limit time sale”? ? Just repair it! I understand that “limit time” and “limit ition” always make people irresistible! But fraud groups take advantage of this anxious psychology to make people want to “seize the opportunity and place an order immiately”! But if you look closely, it’s not difficult to find out why it “never counts down” or “is always sold out in limit quantities”! Therefore, when you encounter keywords such as “limit time sale”, “final countdown”, etc., calm down first and check carefully to see if it is a means of a fraud group!
B. Daily life type
It seems like it’s time to go shopping ~ (I don’t know that the last order I plac was two days ago). If you regard shopping as a habit, it’s like having an alarm clock in your body. When the time comes, it will say, “Ring, ring, ring! It’s time to go shopping!” You are a hobby As a diverse person, every product has something that attracts you. Do you want to buy it and try it out? You are a tolerant and broad-mind person!

Shopping is your daily routine, so are you most likely to fall for scams? !
Are you particularly excit when you see “low price”? ! Online shopping scams often use “unusual low prices” to attract your attention! Sometimes when I see beautiful pictures of products with a price that is more than half of the original price, I know how I feel when I can’t help but want to click on it! ! However, once you are attract by these cute prices and place an order, your information will be leak out, and the consequences may be more than worth the loss!