Definition of business development If you search for the definition of business development, or best practices for business development, you will probably find many opinions from different points of view. And it is very normal, business development for a startup is not the same as for a company with 10,000 employees. It is also not the same for a textile  finding a way to produce maximum value for a specific client and validating its commercialization feasibility. It is this last one where most fail.

Many Startups produce something

that provides value, but its commercialization is not viable. Business development for a company with 10,000 employees and 20 years in business can mean looking for new strategic ways to renew your customer proposition. The search for that way is business UK Phone Number Data development. It can be through internal innovation, or it can be external innovation, or it can be acquisition of another company. In Forbes , they wrote seven tips for business development. But they don’t write about business development, they write about a normal sales process.

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I tried to look for a definition of

generic business development, but I didn’t find one that would convince me and I wanted to propose one that seems to describe it best: “Business development is the activity of finding ways to most profitably produce and promote maximum value to a specific customer without causing further problems.” Plane flying over buildings Business Cambodia Phone Number List development in practice Business development activities Strategic relationships with There is one that is not so traditional that I would like to include, which is growth It is widely used in startups, but it is not something that only startups can take advantage of.