In other companies, partner management is a part of business development. It seems like when it’s something that has to do with sales but they don’t know exactly what it is because in direct sales to the customer it’s not predefined – they call it business development. Business development in the hierarchy should exist in a way that matches the hierarchy of current strategy execution. Business development chart It is very important that the business development function communicates with all business areas to obtain a global image of the company’s business.


When the company is larger and each

business unit consists of several people, whether a few or hundreds of people, it is important that each business unit has knowledge of business development, and that they have sufficient autonomy in decision-making. These people are then the ones who communicate¬†Hong Kong Phone Number Data with the company’s centralized business development. In this way they can find completely new opportunities or at least synergies between different business units. By managing business development in this way, it will be very agile to implement necessary modifications and changes in the company’s strategy.

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A few years there has been

a lot of talk about measuring the customer’s probability of recommending your service or product to a friend or NPS (Net Promoter Score by its initial letters). It is seen as a very good¬†China Phone Number List metric to see how you will do in the future with your new sales and subsequent income. So far so good, but NPS has its limitations. For NPS to work, you need a lot of responses from your customers to be able to trust the result. e speed, but it doesn’t solve anything.