Today, if it does not innovate, it will without fail fall behind in development. Can innovation be a company’s competitive advantage? I think that without a doubt yes. In fact, perhaps innovation as such is a necessity to survive. Having innovation as a competitive advantage would be going further. It would be surpassing others in innovation. Let’s analyze a few examples, real companies considered very innovative, and think about how innovation helps them have a competitive advantage. One of the most researched and outstanding companies ever when it comes to innovation.

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Advantage for Toyota? Directly no, but indirectly, without a doubt yes. Toyota is known all over the world as the most reliable car. The small and not so small innovations in their production line have meant that they have fewer errors and factory problems than perhaps any other car. Although innovation as such may not be a competitive Belgium Phone Number Data advantage, it is for thousands and thousands of small innovations in production that makes Toyota famous. Be careful Рyou have to realize that innovation in the case of Toyota is above all recognized in production, not in the product as such. Toyota in the forest Google Google sometimes seems to release new innovative products at such a rate that one could dedicate themselves to studying their new innovations full time.

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The search engine, but everything they have been able to build around it is impressive. Innovation is Google’s competitive advantage? I would say yes. They look for brilliant minds all over the world and leave them a lot of freedom. Even books have been written about how they are able to so successfully encourage brilliant minds¬†Singapore Phone Number List to innovate. Without Gmail, AdSense, etc., would Google be Google? I don’t think so. The competition has been left far behind. But be careful! Personally, Maybe they are not so far away from going through so much innovation and forgetting why they are where they are, in the end it is because of one thing: They have the best algorithms to find what one is looking for on the Internet in the shortest time possible.