The land traffic light is a Cell phone addicts pioneering initiative. That has been launch in some cities. To increase prevention and avoid accidents. In  del . ​​the city council install a traffic light on the pavement. Of one of the city’s squares to “Reinforce the safety. Of pestrians walking while looking. At their mobile phone or other touch screen electronic devices. The solution has amaz many, and has been accept by some and criticiz by others. There is no shortage of opinions for all tastes. The traffic light has been install on both. Sides of the central cantons square. In an area that registers a large influx of pestrians.

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It is precisely this a strip of r lights that lights up. To prohibit pestrians from passing and. Unlike a traditional traffic light, this strip Malaysia Mobile Number Database of lights remains within the field of vision of a person who consults or handles a telephone. Mobile. A warning for pestrians that will serve to avoid accidents, especially during rush hours. This initiative could be exten to other streets. In the city and can already be seen in. Other cities. The warning to peestrians who. Walk looking at these electronic devices is reinforc to stop and. Therefore, prevention is increas to avoid an accident. The cantons square is a very busy. Area for the inhabitants of the municipality.

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Integrat architecture landscaping. Art and public space improve quality of life, benefit the economy. And create a Belgium Phone Number List sustainable urban ecology. Characteristics. To generate positive and notable places. Introducing art and culture into planning processes increases. Public participation, stimulates collaborative design and adds value to development projects. The planning profession also benefits. From them through more holistic approaches. And community involvement. The creation of spaces for sensory experience (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) must be driven by art and culture. Which collectively and effectively reinforce the sense of belonging. As emphasizes, the role . Of culture in the economy is not minor.