Do you frequently use Zoom’s in-meeting chat feature for important discussions? If so, you might know how frustrating it can be to lose those valuable conversations once the meeting ends. It’s a common issue faced by many users who rely on the platform for communication.

Luckily, Zoom offers manual and auto-saving options, making it simple to save chats on your device or in the cloud.

By saving your in-meeting Zoom chats, you can preserve crucial information, revisit critical discussions, and boost productivity during virtual meetings.

Unsure how to save chat in Zoom? Our guide offers easy steps to show you how to save chat history in Zoom using the manual or the auto-save option.

Let’s make Zoom meetings more efficient!


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About Zoom’s in-meeting chat feature
How to save chat in Zoom – About Zoom’s in-meeting chat feature
Source: Zoom
The Zoom in-meeting chat feature lets you send instant messages to others in the meeting or privately to one person. Hosts can control who participants can chat with or entirely turn off chat.

Private messages between participants are never visible to the host and won’t appear in the chat transcript if saved. Chats  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers can be saved manually, automatically to your computer, or automatically to the cloud with a cloud recording.

Now, you can also enjoy advanced chat features like threaded replies, screenshots, emoji reactions,

and image previews in the new meeting chat experience.


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Why is it important to save Zoom chats?
If you often use Zoom for online meetings, learning how to save chats on Zoom is key. Here’s why you should do it:

1. Reference
Saving Zoom chats allows you to refer to  Iran Phone Number List previous discussions and meeting decisions easily. This can be particularly helpful when recalling specific details or following up on action items.

How to save chat in Zoom – Activating in-meeting chat feature
3. Choose default chat permissions

Determine who participants can chat with by default: No one, Host and Co-host only, or Everyone.
Ensure the host is using Zoom desktop client version 5.7.3 or higher.
How to save chat in Zoom – Activating in-meeting chat feature
4. Allow chat transcript saving