One that is involved and not being afraid of making. Mistakes because sometimes it is simply necessary to achieve true innovation. I recently read the magnate Richard Branson, and among hundreds of interesting things I stay with this phrase. A company is nothing more than an idea to improve the lives of other people” Exact. Do you want to know a few more things that positioned Branson? In an interview published on the entrepreneurs website under the title “My name is Richard Branson, do you want me to tell you how I succeeded?” Branson himself mentions some keys that led him to success and how he knew how to recover from failure and succeed. Of the 8 that he mentions, I will highlight three because I think they are really important if you want to carry out an effective innovation process.

Trust your instincts

Even if it involves some risk, you must pay attention to your instincts to solve a problem. Meetings are used to find out what your team’s perspective is and listen to. Their ideas, but in the end it is you who makes the decision. ” Intuition helps us anticipate, it gives us Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data the opportunity to be able to synthesize a large amount of information, allowing us to capitalize on opportunities where other people did not even see them. For our intuition to be efficient, it has to be trained. Intuition is mainly heuristic, you have to have seen many exemplary cases to be able to create new ones.

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Boost your creativity When faced with

A problem, brainstorming is one of the best ways to gather collective knowledge and create solutions. Do them in an open place, outside the office, since it does not motivate creative thinking. Don’t limit being creative to certain times and places. to be innovative, in all aspects of work, every day and not as suggested by those who schedule periodic brainstorming sessions for the team to think outside the box.” According to Matthew E. May, in his book Elegant Solution, Toyota generates approximately one million ideas a year that come from all areas of the organization and study their implementation.