Before we can analyze feedback efficiently, we have to bring it all together in one place where we can easily view the feedback and make it accessible to everyone involved. The people who should be involved are all those responsible for different departments of the company. This detail is very important. If the most common complaint is that the product usually arrives two days later than promised – and the logistics department manager does not know this, there is little that can improve. For the logistics manager, hearing in a monthly management meeting that shipping speed must be improved is not the same as seeing feedback from end customers complaining.

It is a direct communication channel

between the end client that we all have to serve and the person responsible for the area in the company. As we well know, unfortunately, it is never as simple as listening to what the client says, paying attention to them, and that’s it. There are many circumstancesĀ India Mobile Number Data to take into account before making decisions. And this is precisely the difficult part where things get complicated in larger companies. There are employees in different plants, different offices, different cities and even in different countries. An important and urgent decision that.

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would improve the feedback

of the company’s customers takes at least months, often years. Example: Let’s call the company SA. It is a company that provides all types of insurance. Requests arrive daily to their customer service if the insurance policy can be sent again if it hasĀ  It takes a longĀ Hong-Kong Phone Number List time, if the client had an accident, they have to wait days if not weeks to be able to read the policy. Customers complain about this, it is not the most common complaint, but they do complain! At the same time, the SA sales force is trying to attract new customers.