Factor of community management. We talk about community management, especially in the context of the brand’s presence on social networks, but the same skills and principles apply to creating an internal community within the company. Community management is usually carried out by the person responsible for the process together with category managers. Depending on the size of your company. To know some of the qualities that are essential to be successful in this field, you can see this post.

In this sense it is also key that

you commit to making transparency a value in itself. There is often great concern about whether other people should see the ideas of, for example, other departments. The argument is, however, totally counterproductive. The only way to build cross-functional knowledge, necessary to thrive in virtually all companies today, is to provide transparency Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data and begin to break down business silos. Generating ideas is a very simple, safe and profitable way to start doing it. If participation appears to be low, there are two possible sources for this issue: either it is too complicated to participate consider the ease of use of your idea generation tool or there is poor community management.

Even if your community manager

does a good job of communicating the process and its purpose, he or she may sometimes communicate too much. Motivates and works hard to get staff to really change their habits and actively participate. You can also consider using incentives, something as simple¬†India WhatsApp Number List as recognition, to help emphasize and encourage the desired behavior. Over time, employees will gradually begin to turn their behavior into a habit. The last success factor is related to both the decision making and implementation phases. If you’re not willing to start a new project before you know all the details, by definition you’ll probably never create anything new.