Step 1: “Hello? Who are you!” If you open your mouth like this, you will be OUT!
The first unknown phone call in my career is ringing! He pick it up anxiously and said, “Hey, who are you?” The mine was big, explosive, explosive! Immiately make the impression of cooperative customers 0 points!

Compulsory phone etiquette The most basic phone call should


A start with: “Hello! This is OO Company.” Show courtesy and maintain the professional image of the company.

And the most powerful veteran Sweden Phone Number List drivers in the workplace will make arrangements in advance before answering the phone! Install the strange caller identification tool Whoscall – the name of the other party’s company will be display seconds before you answer the call! “Hello! This is OO Company. Is this OO Company?” Score points as soon as you open your mouth!
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Step 2: Be careful! Your body language will give you away!

You were late this morning and miss Sweden Phone Number List the bus. You arriv at the company in a panic. The phone rang. It must be that annoying customer again. You roll your eyes and continu feebly: “Hello…what’s wrong?” After hanging up the phone, you roll your eyes. Finally, the customer immiately ran to the boss angrily, and you innocently thought: What happen to me! ?

Because your white eyes betray you!

A person’s posture and demeanor can be completely heard over the phone! When you are tir, your tone of voice will usually be lower and you will sound listless, which will make the other person feel that the employees of this company are very lackluster and lose the company’s image.