When markets imported the. 7-eleven model—small convenience stores dedicated. To the sale of food. Beverages and drugs, mainly—they brought new consumer habits. Allowing you to select between local. And global brands has fragmented your tastes. Convenience stores and supermarkets. Where there is a diversity of products have contributed. To the brand’s origin weighing in the choice. Of course, the decision will be conditioned by the product category. For example, global brand. Origin study, released last , revealed that six out of 10 consumers. Choose local milk brands do so with. Water and do so with juices. In fact, local food brands (such as fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and . Beat imported ones in consumer preference. The study showed that perishability .And price weigh on the purchasing decisions of .

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There is also a preference for the origin of . The local brand in drinks with less processing or more natural. Consumer global trust but Jordan Mobile Number Database as a natural importer of oil and technologies. Respondents indicated that when it comes to computers. Televisions, mobile phones, photo and video cameras and automobile. The purchasing decision leans towards global products. Another category where the favoritism of global brands prevailed was beauty and personal care. Segments like shampoo/conditioners and razors. Are examples of this behavior. Five out of 10 consumers prefer. Deodorants and toothpastes from global brands. And also prefer this origin in cosmetic products. As for hand and body creams and soaps. The preference is similar for four out of 10 respondents .Global brands have the ability to have advantages due to their experience and their research and development capacity. To offer high-quality products findings note.

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Only in categories such as household. Cleaning products was the origin indifferent in. The purchase decisions. Why does Lebanon Phone Number List origin matter in purchasing choices? According to the study, attributes such as price, quality, innovation, trust and even supporting the country’s economy with the purchase of. A local item play a predominant role. The parents, who had arrived from a village located . Kilometers from , were still thinking about what to name her, but the hospital staff had. Decided to call her angel. And her colleagues gave the parents flowers, lit candles and treated them to a chocolate cake. The staff and family gathered around. Everyone applauded and sang . Happy birth, dear angel.” “There are hospitals closer . To home, but we came here because dr.