It will reassure you, or it helps you reassure the company’s shareholders, but it does not help you improve. It doesn’t even explain the “Why?” nor the “What?” As part of activity, measuring NPS is great, but even better if you are continually focusing on improving the customer experience. Although we want to focus on the customer, and we want to improve their experience with our company, it is not always so easy to know what to do. How can we know what bothers them the most? How can we know how they think we should improve? Nowadays the way to obtain this type of information from customers is usually email surveys. We create questions for our clients to understand what they think of us.

There are two main problems here

Which client is interested in your business development? The phrase “ To serve you better, could I answer these questions is already a bit boring and outdated I think. And Second, the questions Taiwan Phone Number Data are created by the company, and they answer questions that are of interest to the company, perhaps what bothers the client is completely something else. What really bothers our clients is information that many companies do not seem to want to receive. It is the information that we process in our customer service.

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For any company there should

be no more important information than the comments of its customers. I would say that above all criticism or negative opinion is interesting for a person who wants to develop the business. Positive feedback is good for our ego and mood, but the improvement is in Estonia Phone Number List the criticism. That said, you have to think about why so many large companies make all kinds of problems when talking to their customers about their problems. It is a joke and it is common information today that getting to speak to a They are the companies that first started using “automatic speech recognition” platforms – long before they actually worked.