A satisfied customer will be our first ambassador and the best salesperson. The best marketing investment is the investment in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is more important now than ever. Spanish Post Pic 3 “Have you been to a hotel that has reviews and one and a half stars on ? Me neither! We cannot hire a thousand new salespeople a month, but we can convert five thousand clients into ambassadors of our company. Why is customer satisfaction so important? I’ll give an example: Imagine the process of buying/selling life insurance. Imagine it from your own point of view! How does the process of buying life insurance begin? There are two ways: Internal need (buying a house, illness, etc. External impulse  on life insurance”) or for example a friend saying that he has just signed a new insurance that is super good – for such and such reasons.

If it is an internal need

Or we search on Google for example  or any other insurance brand, customer reviews appear on the first page of Google. (Image). If your company’s reviews are – those who were about to buy quickly disappear. If you have satisfied customers, good reviews and attract more buyers, it really is that simple. Customer reviews appear on page on Google Spanish Post Pic1 Which of the two insurance providers do you prefer to Australia Phone Number Data buy from? What has a rating of 0.7 or what has a  If your customers are dissatisfied – that’s where you stay. Not only did you lose a customer, but your competitor will gain one. The butterfly effect is even much more efficient. A single satisfied customer is capable of bringing you thousands of new customers. Every opinion is important We cannot take lightly any negative opinion about our company, product or service. We have to take every negative opinion as an opportunity to improve.

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When we have a negative opinion

the first thing we have to do is let the customer know that we have heard them, we are going to take action and notify them of the deadline when we are going to respond. The customer will feel important, just as they should always be. On the other hand, a satisfied Brazil Phone Number List customer becomes the first ambassador of your brand. Many times, the best investment in marketing is the investment in customer satisfaction, they will be in charge of communicating it to the world. On the other hand,  our clients change.