In spanish it means death from overwork. And although it may seem like an urban legend. It is a social phenomenon recognized in japan since when the ministry of health began collecting statistics. It is so widespread that if a judge determines that someone died from . Their family receives compensation of. About $from the government and payments of up. To million from the company. At first, official figures reported a couple of hundred cases each year. But by the number of victims reached. According to the ministry of labor in japan. According to the national council in defense of victims. The true figure may reach victims annually. Roughly the number of people who die. Each year in traffic accidents.

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But can one really die from overwork is. It a combination of misdiagnosed illnesses and the individual’s age. Is it possible that Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Database there are cases of in other places. Without the phenomenon having been recognized. A certified this is a more or less typical case kenji hamada was an. Employee of a security company in tokyo, married to a young wife, and exhibited an impressive work ethic. His weekly routine included a 15-hour day of work and 4 exhausting. Hours of commuting between his home and the office. One day they found him collapsed on his desk. His colleagues assumed he was asleep. But when several hours passed and. He had not moved, they realized he was dead.

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Although hamada died in . Has been claiming victims for years, when a healthy. -year-old man suffered a stroke—the sudden India Phone Number List suspension of some brain functions, due to hemorrhage. Blockage or compression of an artery in the brain—then. Of accumulating work shifts in the distribution department of. One of the largest newspapers in the country. For it to count as a case of. The victim must have worked more than hours of overtime in the. Month before his death or in two or more. Consecutive months of the last six. Stress why in japan. After world war ii, the japanese had. The longest working hours in the world.