Different situations in recent years the way of life of human beings has been which has led to a series of changes being within companies. Among these changes is teleworking changes in the types of hiring and search for skills that support the current reality these are soft skills . Soft skills are those skills that we have and that can be use in any field in which we work and that help us interact with others. For example Leadership time management critical thinking creativity problem solving teamwork resilience etc. There are also hard skills which are the set of teachable easy-to-quantify job-specific skills and technical knowledge.

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Marketing research artificial intelligence foreign language proficiency etc. Social emotional capabilities and personal characteristics make up soft skills. They are not personality traits from birth most people develop them through experiences study and practice. It is a fact that today maintaining collaborators gift only in work techniques is not enough USA Telegram Number Data to generate the expect results in companies and even less so now that people are remotely and clients are serve virtually. Soft skills are of utmost importance. How many times have we heard stories of a person who is considered wise and an expert in their area but who does not know how to lead listen collaborate as a team etc.

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Not have the ability to relate to people and their needs in a professional manner. They simply become an obstacle to organizational growth. Today’s most sought-after soft skills. Leadership Teamwork Communication and active listening. Planning and timeĀ Australia Telegram Number management. Flexibility Adaptation to changes. Decision making. Orientation to results. Negotiation. Creativity. How to develop soft skills Developing a skill takes time experience and many times Identify performances and achievements among other indicators see those missing skills that must be addressed to refine them. Individual feedback.