Instead of directing that energy to carry out new projects. This is something I learned since my childhood. My mother always told me that a setback is another of life’s lessons, so you have to learn and quickly move on to something else. That’s what I always do.” To achieve success, it is important to accept failure, since when one accepts the margin of error, one can learn from it, become stronger, And move forward with a fixed goal. Each error contains the information necessary for a new attempt. Henry Chesbrough, guru of Open Innovation stated Without business failure there is no innovation.

Innovating more and better depends

On effort and the ability to learn from setbacks. Because no one fails if they put their maximum talent and effort into a task. They may make mistakes, They may lose , But it never fails. Success stories Turkey Phone Number Data in innovation Samsung Since the company was founded in Samsung Electronics has become a leading technology multinational in the world. The company’s objectives include the creation and marketing. Of products and services that increase the quality of life of its customers around the world.

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Furthermore it is firmly committed

to improving society at large with its constant pursuit of revolutionary innovations and value creation. To achieve this, corporate management has established its vision for 2020 based on three fundamental pillars creativity, Collaboration and a team of great professionals. BK Yoon (President and CEO of Samsung Electronics) perfectly summarizes the innovation policy of the South Korean company: “We don’t see things as challenges. We see them as opportunities, and we never stop innovating. To create the best products, we have the best process, and to create the best process, we need the best professionals.” This way of seeing innovation, putting the customer as the focus, has borne fruit.