Defining dates and meeting them is what shows that we are aligned effectively. Span Pic 1.jpg In my opinion Steve Jobs was a great teacher. “Steve was a marketing man, who knew that innovating is going beyond adding value; “He planned what, how, when, where and with whom he was going to do it.” He was an expert at designing strategy, simply choosing the best team and bringing unparalleled passion to what he had in his hands. However, finding that courage and business vision is not easy. On many occasions, we hold back from taking this necessary step because we feel unprotected and lacking knowledge, in a world that evolves too quickly.

We feel that we are not prepared

Enough to launch into innovation and the necessary error sometimes terrifies us. Steve Jobs was not a programmer, Not even a hardware engineer but he was an expert in the details. loved what he did, Understanding that passion is the key to success. knew Mexico Phone Number Data how to align his passions with work, Demonstrating it with the birth of the iPod where he put his ingenuity, his passion for music and comfort, At the service of his ingenuity Was a visionary and believed that with each product he launched he was changing the world, He was so firm in his speech that he achieved it.

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If there’s one thing I love about

this master of innovation, it’s that he focused on helping his customers improve their lives thanks to his products. It is essential that we provide a customer experience. Let Malaysia Phone Number List them experience your product before purchasing it. Innovating is not just about creating new products, from the moment the idea is born in your business until it reaches the customer’s life, . How can we do it? Reviewing our products or services, making the necessary improvements so that they adapt to market demands.