You need to know about invoice stamping in Mexico Rosa Angelica Cordova In the complex world of electronic invoicing in. Mexico understanding concepts such as CFDI invoice stamping and addenda is essential. For companies and taxpayers. In this blog we’ll explain the basics of invoice stamping and answer common questions from “What is an addenda? to “What is payroll stamping. Stamping of Invoices and Payrolls  What are tax stamps? A tax stamp is a digital seal that the Tax Administration Service SAT places on a CFDI to certify its tax validity.

This digital seal is unique for each receipt

Kind of “stamp” that confirms that the document has been authorized by the SAT. Why is it important to do them? The tax stamp guarantees the authenticity and legality of the CFDI. By incorporating this digital seal the SAT certifies that the invoice complies with the Singapore WhatsApp Number List tax requirements established by the tax authority.  What happens if invoices and payrolls are not stamped? The stamping of invoices and payrolls is a fundamental requirement to comply with tax regulations. Failure to properly stamp these documents can have significant consequences for both the issuer and recipient of the invoice.

Understanding Electronic Invoicing

What is the CFDI? CFDI stands for “Digital Tax Receipt over the Internet” and refers to an electronic invoicing standard used in Mexico. The CFDI is a digital document that replaces traditional paper invoices and complies with the tax requirements Malaysia WhatsApp Number List established by the Tax Administration Service SAT. The implementation of the What is Since the SAT announced that it would implement a new version of that would replace version .