At some point in our childhood. We Find out why all got into some mischief or had. Bad behavior that left us. Without the privilege of going out. To play with our friends or kept. Us sitting around writing long stories about what is right and wrong. Without a doubt one of the most terrifying phrases of our childhood was. “you don’t go out to recess. Not to mention the fearful rule that . Frightenseveral generations and that even after it disappearwas. Part of the urban legends of the classrooms. Thus, the , punishments and different disciplinary. Methods appli by teachers became part of our personal stories. Those of our parents and our grandparents; and why. Not say it about one or another horror story.

Times are changing

Hands have disappear from the list of disciplinary . Actions and institutions are making more and more efforts to eradicate all forms Cambodia Mobile Number Database of violence inside and outside the classrooms. A vivid example of this is the . Coleman elementary school locat in . Which decid on these sanctions through. A rather peculiar initiative. As? In alliance with the life foundation , this institute repla the dread. You don’t go out and play” with a mitation session. For those students who exhibit bad behavior. The so-call metation policy. Was recently integrat into its curriculum and the results have been evident .Since since the program was launch. Cases of detention have practically stopp completely.

The association has been generat through

School social workers, the infirmary and psychology school. Who often send students to the room to help them with anxiety. Stress, migraine Malaysia Phone Number List stomach or emotional problems. Upon arriving at the corresponding room. The children begin with a guid talk for five minutes, follow by fifteen more minutes of guid meitation. Depending on the nes of each student, this therapy may or may not include breathing. Exercises and yoga. Once 20 minutes have pass, students. Receive feback and permission to return to their regular activities. The mitation room is an oasis of calm available at any time of the day. Students have the option of sending. Themselves to the mindful moment teachers. Can send students who misbehave or disrupt the course of. Class to receive individual assistance with emotional self-regulation, he shares. The life foundation website.