If you have a small business and want to create your own online store, we give you an introduction to the steps you must take to have your own space on the Internet and start selling. Creating an online store today is no longer a complicated job at all. The different tools and managers that you can find on the Internet make the task much easier. More and more users prefer to buy online instead of in person and in terms of logistics and costs you can save a lot by opening your business online . Whatever the reason, if you have decided to create your own store, follow these 5 basic steps.

Register your domain Start choosing

Domain name by which you want your brand to be found . The domain is the address that you type in the browser and with which your clients will access your site. It is made up of a word and an extension, such as .COM, .ES, .ORG, etc. It is important that it is recognizable and easy to write. For example, if you want to set up an online shoe storeĀ Taiwan Telegram Number Data in Lugo, a good domain name could be shoeslugo.es . If you are looking for something more original, you can also opt for more groundbreaking extensions, such as .SHOP, .APP or .BAR. Visit the domain catalog to review all the possibilities. Once you have decided, check that it is available and register it . By registering your domain you ensure that no one keeps your name or impersonates your brand online.

Choose a hosting and a CMS for

your ecommerce All the data that will make up your ecommerce must be hosted on good hosting that provides you with quality, security and performance . Make sure that it has at least enough space, fast disks, an SSL security certificate and good support so thatĀ France Telegram Number your online store loads quickly and has all the guarantees to make it safe and efficient. Along with hosting, another choice you will have to make is choosing a content manager or CMS. WordPress with WooCommerce or continue to b easier. 3. Prepare your content Now it’s time to add the elements to your CMS. Our advice is that you first prepare the basic elements that you want to present.