companies. A teleoperator salesperson can sell two systems per week, each for employees  Not validated , the salesperson is more interested in selling other things, because his commission of . USD is not enough. If in the previous case we would have a “lean startup” within the same operator, it would not take more than – weeks to validate the previous data. Because ?​ This is where the advantage of being within a teleoperator with a name and many resources comes. The “lean startup” group works freely, without the bureaucracy of the teleoperator. Its only objective is to validate concepts in record time.

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To sale or in the company’s processes. Because they are within the teleoperator, they can verify details very quickly such as: Legal Department : Is it possible to transfer calls from the web to mobile phones, are there regulation problems? question and answer: days. Commercial Israel Phone Number Data department : Do you already have a service like this? Commercial department : Would it be sold? Opinion of salespeople in weeks. IT Department : Is the implementation viable? How long would it last? response in days. End customer : How much would they pay? clients, their feedback in – weeks.

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validations for a Startup with only employees would take months and the answers would probably have less validity. In a teleoperator there is a lot of know-how, a lot of experience, but due to internal bureaucracy due to the size of the company and its long history, agility is difficult to achieve. An agile “lean startup” group within the same company could Philippine Phone Number List achieve this. In addition to verifying new concepts, it would save a Service launch Since we have validated that we have a service that users really want, and the commercial launch that is no longer a problem. It is clear that a redundant implementation and a series of extra tests will take time, but since we have already verified that it is a solution that will work and that customers will want, these projects should be given priority.