They are the companies that first started using “automatic speech recognition” platforms – long before they actually worked. Instead of focusing on listening to the customer and developing their business based on feedback, they focused on minimizing customer service expenses. At the same time that they leave thousands of current clients (potential promoters) a day desperate with their problems, they have a hundred commercial agents calling potential clients and trying to get new clients. These clients who never have their problem solved will in no case be promoters but rather detractors of your business. What you have to do is focus all your business development attention on that negative feedback and improve the processes so that it decreases.

What we achieve in this way

is not to increase customer service expenses, but rather to increase sales because each satisfied customer not only stays with us, reducing customer loss (Churn), but is once again a promoter of our business. . It is not as easily measurable as new contracts, but it is a Malaysia Phone Number Data strategic way of looking at long-term business development. The following image visualizes the strength of customer satisfaction when it is achieved perfectly. Feedback chart The 80/20 rule in business development As in so many other places, we can also apply Pareto’s law in the development of business focused on the client.

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of customer complaints

are very similar and deal with the same topic. This issue is where the company has to focus its efforts to develop its business if what it wants is happy customers. Happy customers are those who recommend your company and product to other customers,  about Germany Phone Number List all this is that when you start to really analyze customer feedback well, you will realize that it is not the entire company that you have to change, but in the end they are very specific things so that you gain more satisfied customers.