The Mobile World Congress  has left interesting announcements to this day while it is still taking place, that we want to highlight in the. To Europe blog  whose this year will have, precisely The Power of as its motto. There are many new developments that have been and are being. Present in the field of AI, making it difficult to condense them into one entry, which will be useful for successive events in this communication space. To narrow things down and get us closer at hand, today we will look at the big announcements that. Concern Spain and companies in our country in this digital revolution, Standing out for their commitment to digital transformation. The protection of data privacy and innovation.

news in Spain and its companies

With Microsoft and , and the government of Spain with notable announcements. One of the focuses of attention at. Has been the presentation of Telefónica , which has reveal its new strategies in generative AI the. Result of notable alliances with technological giants such as Microsoft, And even with the platform These collaborations are designed to integrate the. Most advanced AI into its Kernel  digital India Telegram Number Data ecosystem and Open , promising to revolutionize the interaction between users and technology. News in Spain and its companies at MWC Alonso. Chief Digital Officer of Telefónica, highlights the importance of generative AI We are facing a. Field in full expansion, which has the power to our relationship with technology. It is a journey into the unknown, full of potential and promise.

Alonso himself present

Together with Alberto Granados president of Microsoft Spain the broad strokes of this outstanding collaboration. Between both firms. Approach, which puts user privacy at the center of its technological development. The company’s commitment to privacy has been highlighted: «For Telefónica, privacy Indonesia Telegram Number is not just a commitment, it is our banner. “Our goal is to ensure fully responsible development and use of generative AI.” Spain and its Great Language Model In an announcement made at the same presentation dinner, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, reveal the creation of an ambitious Spanish Grand Foundational AI Language Model.