Today is no guarantee of future success because while you are enjoying the success of your product or service, Someone else is studying how to improve it. Let’s look at three examples Companies that failed because they were not innovative enough. The Eastman Kodak Company was born led by George Eastman, A visionary who knew that innovation was written in his DNA. Among the assets of this company is being pioneers in creating 16mm film, Ensuring that many of the historical milestones were recorded on Kodak film. How did those who created color photos, Disposable cameras, And even the first digital camera declare bankruptcy He. To believed so much in his success that he did not foresee that the future was taking over them at a dizzying rate.

He stagnated and allowed

Companies like Fuji to pursue new opportunities. Despite having a history of innovation behind him and living immersed in it, he failed to make innovation management an efficient system. He remained static, did not diversify and this dragged him into technical bankruptcy. What do we learn from his example? Maybe we have the perfect Germany Phone Number Data product or service, Maybe the business figures support us, But do we have our eyes open Kodak closed its eyes to the arrival of evolution, It did not know how to quickly say goodbye to its thriving film camera business. It was difficult for them to understand that the time had come to let go and continue. They lacked the courage to cannibalize their current business, which the competition then did.

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Kodak lost sight of the true focus

The customer and the new experience that would come to their homes with digital cameras. Having money and talent is not enough for success in innovation. Of Finnish origin Nokia was founded in and although the original function of the company was far away, Nokia went down in history for establishing itself as a leading brand in Spain Phone Number List mobile telephony worldwide. So much so that there are data that support that the Finnish company contributed  of the country’s economic growth between. The arrival of the iPhone on the market in jeopardized stability in a clearly complicated environment. Smartphones won the battle against a company that had all the means at its disposal to succeed in innovation management.