It has been more He is the than five years. Since the arm conflict in began and. With it a long cycle of violence fell on the lives of. Thousands of families who today desperately. Seek to flee the bombings and .Air attacks that rob them of calm. So far, more than two million . Children have to escape to take refuge in . Neighboring countries and begin the search for a. New life; eleven thousand have di and yet. Remaining within your nation. Remains the most dangerous option of all. There lurk dangers such as child recruitment by. Arm groups, abuse, child exploitation and death. It is there where war has taken the childhood of. Millions of children, stripping them of their. Rights and forcing them to flee their homes. .

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A few weeks ago, was born in . He has liv in since , but since the beginning of the conflict he has. Not been able to avoid visiting his Nepal Mobile Number Database homeland several times. To bring happiness to the children who they have had the misfortune of growing up during the war. As? Trafficking toys across the border into yes, the same country whose coast became the center of the world in . When the body of was found and photograph by . Demir in an effort to raise awareness about human rights. Responsible-smuggling the story began five years. Ago when rami undertook the mission to deliver aid to . Crossing the border load with food and . His daughter . Only three years old, want to join the crusade and . Ask her father to take her toys to children in in exchange for receiving a .

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When we start giving away the toys, a big commotion . Was children came from all over. I they weren’t thinking about food. They Philippine Phone Number List just toy” – rami for telegraph . Now father makes. The same trip every two months despite all the risks to bring. Approximately 80 kilograms . Of toys into. The hands of children caught in the middle of the conflict. Unfortunately, the work he does is illegal, which has earn him the title of toy trafficker, although he could also be call a smuggler of joy. Since this is what the man has brought . In plush animals to of little ones. Within the territory. Smile-monger1 currently, more than three million children live in refugee camps inside , according to information collect by the telegraph, the luckiest ones go to school, others .