In recent years, it has become more important due to the development of e-commerce and the intensification of market competition.  relationships in 2020, and it’s important for brands to take them into account to maintain high levels of How do they satisfaction. In addition, the arrival of Generation Z and the increasing purchasing power of Millennials have reversed this trend.


 Different channels, different aspirations

different messages: brand Advertising Data communication needs to be refor  mulated. What trends and innovations will impact the way companies interact with customers?  deliver a great customer experience in an ever-changing How do they world? In this article, we explore the predictions that will impact customer experience in the future and learn how companies can prepare for these changes.


 Millennials vs. Gen Z: Consumers

Advertising Data

with Different Expectations Today, brands must absolutely consider Mill  ennials, two groups that are increasingly Australia Phone Number influential in the market and have different expectations and behaviors than previous generations. Millennials, those born between 2011 and 2018, are passionate about new How do they technologies and are constantly looking for new experiences. They are also very sensitive to social and environmental issues and expect their brands to be responsible and transparent.