brings many benefits to people and organizations but it is very common for companies to forget a sense of humor focusing only on efficiency and meeting objectives. On average a -year-old child laughs times in a day when it takes a -year-old person and a half months to laugh that many times. Research has found that when employees watch a funny video or spend a few minutes with colleagues and laugh productivity and effectiveness increase by %. So let’s ask ourselves: Is there room for effectiveness in a boring and demotivating work environment? We mention some of the benefits of humor at work: Improve results.

Managers who give free rein to humor

Achieve better performance from their teams as well as greater satisfaction and a better perception of work and their responsibilities. Leaders who use humor achieve more motivation and admiration in their team. Improves decision making. There is a study that indicates Mexico WhatsApp Number List that positive moods lead to more flexible decision making broader search behavior and greater analytical accuracy. Increases motivation. Humor and motivation have a very close relationship. Creating a fun and positive organizational culture increases motivation.

It doesn’t seem strange at all right

The better the environment the more eager people will go to work. Humor reduces stress. According to one article people with a sense of humor report less stress and anxiety than those with a low sense of humor despite experiencing the same number of problems at Spain WhatsApp Number List work. And research shows that lower stress benefits employees. Reduces work absenteeism. As humor improves performance job  Humor is a very good medicine. A good laugh regulates blood pressure secretes endorphins and even has an anti-inflammatory effect. So if you want to have healthier employees and reduce absenteeism rates take humor seriously. Attract new employees.