Before we even begin, let’s look at an example of results: Traditional car and home insurer employees less than months + new ideas Almost % of ideas continue to mature in the process or are already in use Millions of euros in new revenue Employees and customers happier than ever We are talking about a large and established company in the Nordic countries , an undisputed innovative leader in its business area. The ideas that their employees proposed were mainly based on improving different processes within the company; ideas about how to reduce expenses or how to generate more income were those that provided the highest level of participation.

To start the project only a couple

Of ideas from all those proposed by the insurance company’s employees were enough and in less than a year, they achieved its implementation together: Proposed idea : An innovative insurance for a new type of vehicle that was becoming fashionable. It was a Sweden Phone Number Data vehicle that cost even more than a motorcycle, but there was no one to insure it. They did it. Proposed idea : A new way to convert web visits to customers through a new sales process. Currently, between and more sales are closed every day precisely due to this change in the process, generating millions of new euros annually.

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employee in customer service. Now, how did they do it? Also in an insurance company where laws and regulations greatly limit the possibilities of innovation. In this short article you Switzerland Phone Number List will see the steps that led to success. light bulbs Step – Design the process for innovation management The ideas are there – you just have to turn on the lights! A process Above all, design is a very important aspect to realize the possibilities.