This model Correctly start slowly with a specific use case, either with the centralized or decentralized model. Then when you start expanding it to other use cases you will Soon. To Realize if you need to implement those use cases as your own itineraries. Key success factors although these models Are different, there are certain aspects that you have to be clear about so that they can work, Regardless of the model in question. Here are some factors that always seem to play an important role. The role of The Category manager participation of experts in the management team community management and incentives commitment to transparency and breaking down business silos willingness to move quickly and experiment as already explained, in the decentralized model, category managers are the ones who make decisions about new ideas.

However they play an important

Role in the development of ideas, regardless of the model. Your job is a bit like playing devil’s advocate. They are responsible for dealing with the creator of the idea and those who are interested in it. As well as developing the idea by asking the hard questions. This will also help employees develop their critical thinking skills. Managers who manage ideas since very few ideas are carried out without this type of participation, the activity and Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data capabilities of category managers is usually the largest single factor in increasing the ratio of useful ideas to mediocre ones, a very problem. Usual in most idea management processes. No matter who makes the final decision on an idea, it is important to truly listen to the staff who know the most about the area of ​​business the idea is about.

Many management teams are typically

made up of people with different functions, so the involvement of experts comes naturally. If yours isn’t, be sure to invite category managers to discuss the decision before you make it. This question is important for two reasons: it can help you understand what the Indonesia WhatsApp Number List substance of the idea really is, how difficult it would  and what the degree of impact would be. Plus all the crucial pieces of information for  The category manager needs to communicate the decision to employees, so he or she has to understand why the decision has been made.