Nowadays, innovation is talked about everywhere, in the description of all companies and in the professional profiles of many people. All companies of all sizes and from different areas understand that innovation is often necessary to improve. We all already recognize the importance of innovation. Many large companies, in fact, declare that innovation will find many different definitions from simply “new idea”, to more detailed definitions such as “improvement in process, technology, product and methodology.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innovation

Introduction of something new.” I would prefer to say that innovation is something as normal as the search for continuous improvement, and innovation management is the process to do it in the most efficient way possible. Why is innovation important? In a 2017 article, the American magazine USA Phone Number Data Forbes describes in its article why innovation is so important for three key points: Innovation makes it easier for companies to penetrate attitude and have confidence in taking risks and getting things done by making decisions.

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When the company has an innovative

culture, it will grow more easily , although the creative process is not always simple. Tried and tested methods for managing innovation can be very helpful, but trying new things can often be worth it. Additionally, Booz & Co. (now Strategy&) 2011 Global Innovation 1000 report has discovered a difference in both annual revenue growth (+11%) and EBITDA (+22%) in favor of the most Australia Phone Number List innovative organizations. CONCLUSION: Innovation sometimes has a bad reputation among executives or boards of directors, especially because perhaps they have seen so many initiatives without  less innovative.