Documentation By saving chats, you create a record of important information and exchanges. This documentation can serve as a valuable resource for future reference, providing clarity on past conversations and decisions.  Sharing
Saved chats can be shared with team members who may have missed the meeting or need access to the information discussed. This facilitates collaboration and ensures that everyone stays informed.

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4. Learning
Reflecting on past conversations can provide valuable insights and learning opportunities. By reviewing saved chats, you can identify patterns, learn from mistakes, and build on ideas discussed during meetings.

5. Efficiency
Having saved chats readily accessible saves time that would otherwise be spent searching for past discussions. This contributes to increased efficiency in decision-making and project management.

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How to save chats on Zoom?
You can save chat in Zoom either  Nepal Phone Numbers manually or automatically, giving you the flexibility to choose how you want to preserve your conversations. Follow these steps to learn how to save chat history in Zoom:

How to save chat history on Zoom manually


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Zoom allows hosts and participants to save in-meeting chats locally. However, for this feature to work, the meeting host must activate the Chat settings and select the option Allow users to save chats from the meeting. If you are  Vietnam Phone Number List wondering how to save chat in Zoom manually, follow these steps:

Activating in-meeting chat feature
Follow these steps to enable the in-meeting chat feature in Zoom:

1. Access account settings

Log in to the Zoom website and navigate to Account Management on the left-hand menu.
Select Account Settings from the dropdown and proceed to the Meeting tab.
How to save chat in Zoom – Activating in-meeting chat feature
2. Enable meeting chat

Locate In Meeting (Basic) and find Meeting Chat.
Toggle the switch to turn in-meeting chat on or off. Note that disabling Meeting Chat also turns off Meeting Chat – Direct Messages and Meeting Chat – Auto-Save.