I have been working in the world of telecommunications for almost  in this industry. Maybe not in the industry but in teleoperators. Wherever you go, products and services that in the end no one uses. I am not saying that today it is like this everywhere, there are also some teleoperators who have implemented lean processes within their operation and that it is working, there are also others who already know the problem, but still do not know how to solve it – If you are one of them, keep reading.

I know the world of network

Operators very closely. I have been implementing the first multimedia messaging services in Latin America give Therefore, A purchase order for almost So that end users can send messages by Email. Is anyone interested in doing something like this People gathered Singapore Phone Number Data in a room with chairs 10 years ago the teleoperator was a pioneer in everything – now it seems that they are light years away from the real world. The reason for the problem is very simple Apart from data growth and the fact that now we can all develop services for smartphones. Teleoperators completely stopped innovating, They left Service Innovation to Be Carried Out By Others.

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Of those that I know

Which Are not few There is no good management of innovation processes. Within The same operator But rather The role of the operator has been limited to. Accepting or not Iran Phone Number List Accepting the Therefore Suppliers’ proposals. The operator has assumed the role of “Innovation Director The end client. Once operators have developed their value-added services  offering, it takes approximately  months until the idea receives customer feedback.