To learn more about image optimization, read our article on Image SEO. 7. Partial Match Anchors For this kind of anchor text, you will be using variations of your targeted keywords. For LSI stands for  : Learn the right way to use anchor text Read the basics of using anchor text 8. LSI Anchors . Go to LSI stands for , type your keyword, and below you will be getting the related search terms in your typed query. These are LSI keywords for your brand. For example, my target keyword is graphic design services.

These would be the LSI keywords that

I can use other than my target keywords as anchor text. LSI Anchors 9. Exact Match Anchor Text Exact match anchors are basically the keywords for which you did thorough research. For example, if ‘Best SEO Company’ is your target keyword and you are using the exact anchor text for the link building, it mobile phone number library you are using Exact Match anchor texts. They are the most powerful yet the most sensitive keywords that could affect your site ranking both negatively or positively. How Should Anchot Text be Used? Most of the SEOs believe that if they will use the exact match keywords, their site would be able to achieve positive results quickly.

On the contrary, things work the other way

Around. Exact match anchor should be used in less percentage in your link-building strategy. Yes, you can use exact match keywords, but just when you want to give a UAE Phone Number boost to your profile. If you keep using them again and again, it will cause a negative impact on your Google profile and Google will assume that you are building unnatural links. Below we have mentioned the keywords based on the priority that should be given to them. Branded Anchor Text: Use it as much as you can.