At least mexicans or people with investments in our country. Former public servants and active officials appear. Linked to tax havens on the island of the bahamas. Among the mexican businessmen are gastón . Vázquez , his son vázquez and his wife, maría de . This leak, known as bahamas leaks, contains 1.3 million files available to investigate the settlements of. Companies in tax havens. More companies were registered between and in the bahamas. The german newspaper. Zeitung had access to the files it shared. With the international consortium of investigative journalists ( and in turn to its partners. In several countries, including mexico. Some of the mexicans who appear. In the bahamas leaks files are the former governor of nuevo león. Fernando canales saliva benítez, wife of the former mayor. Of cancún and former prd candidate for governor.

The former secretary of 

Fernando gómez mont, also appears along with. His partners, lawyers alberto and julio . Officials linked to pemex were also located. Ignacio quesada morales Changsha Mobile Number List who was corporate director. Of finance at pemex and previously head of advisors at and the treasury when the now pan senato. Ernesto cordero, was in charge, is the owner of the . Company international corp created in august 2015. In this regard, ignacio quesada said that he has nothing to hide, that it is his life savings to preserve his assets. In the interview with mexicans against corruption and impunity he. Mentioned that he has not yet reported the opening. Of this financial instrument .To the sat, since his company. International was created last year. “at the appropriate time I will do it,” he commented.

Another former pemex official

Carlos de la garza . Who was a member of the board of directors of banco de. Is the director of the company lion asset management. Opened in Taiwan Phone Number List the bahamas in may . The bahamas leaks is a journalistic investigation. Very similar to what happened with the. Panama papers. The investigation involved nearly journalists in 78 countries working. Secretly for a year to amass an archive of 11.5 million documents. These files came from the. Fonseca law firm, located in panama and a leader. In the creation of offshore companies. But when he applied to enter a vocational school for . A four-year course he was rejected. “The only reason I can imagine is. That it was because of my criminal record,” he said. Atkinson was later able to enter benedict. College in south and has since earned a bachelor’s degree . In political science and a law degree from the university of st.