The Pharmaceutical Industry plays a Fundamental Role in the Development production and sale of medicines Other health products with the aim of preventing diagnosing treating or However These products can present Adverse effects that is harmful and it means why. To Unintentional Reactions that Occur after use which can cause damage to the health of patients and Even cause death. For This reason the pharmaceutical industry must carry out a process called pharmacovigilance.

Pharmacovigilance in the pharmaceutical

Industry Involves Various Stages from Research and development Through production and distribution to after. Sales and post-marketing. At each stage the pharmaceutical industry must follow national and international. To Standards and regulations such. As those of  the FDA and EMA among Others which establish the requirements and Mexico WhatsApp Number Data responsibilities for carrying out pharmacovigilance. Have you already heard about pharmacovigilance How it Can implemented.

What is pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance Is The Science That Studies The Adverse Effects of Medications And Other Health Products With the Objective of Identifying Preventing monitoring And Communicating Vietnam WhatsApp Number List it means why Pharmacovigilance Other Health Products as Well as to Evaluate The Benefits and Risks of These products allowing measures to be taken to reduce harm and maximize benefits. benefits.