Sparta players and were punished by their. Club and sent to train with the women’s team after they. Told a linesman in the league match against that . Women must be in the kitchen”. The match ended on  with a draw and. The players considered that flag bearer failed to. Blow an offside whistle in added time. Allowing their rival to take a point. Goalkeeper . Who plays for the senior team, and. Midfielder attacked the assistant at the end of the game. Record record the goalkeeper told her that. Women should be in the kitchen and not refereeing a men’s game .The players will train for several days with our women’s. Teams so that they realize that women can be valuable not only in the kitchen. Adam general director of , told the newspaper.

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In the postwar years. Work offered men a new motivation. Workers were not only driven by financial. Compensation, but also Thailand Mobile Number Database psychological compensation. Businesses welcomed this new. Social order and began funding unions. Cultural groups, worker housing, transportation, recreational facilities, clinics, and daycares. Before long life began to revolve around work. Decades later, in the mid-. , there was a dark turn. Distortions in the economy fueled rapid. And unsustainable increases in stock and property prices. Economic growth skyrocketed, causing what is known as an “economic bubble,” and wages in japan reached the limit.

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At the highest point of this bubble. Nearly seven million people (around 5% of the country’s total population) .Maintained an Italy Phone Number List overwhelming 60-hour work week, while in countries. Like the united states, or the united kingdom the employees had. A schedule from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. According to a survey. Conducted in section heads and department heads in. Large companies thought they would die from working so hard. By then, there were enough deaths. Of white-collar workers from work overload. That the government began to pay attention. When the bubble economy burst in the early. 1990s, the overwork culture got even worse. In the years that followed. Known as the lost epidemic proportions.