Visibly shaken the first lady Michelle obama of the unit states. Denounc trump this . After describing the republican candidate’s recent crude comments as . Disturbing. And  Degrading as well as below. “Basic standards of human decency.  speaking at a campaign rally in . New  criticiz trump for a video that. Emerg last week in which he can be heard talking about being sexually aggressive toward women. “I can’t believe I’m saying that a candidate for president of the. Unitstates has bragg about raping women  said. The speech was an atypically direct attack from the first lady. Who left aside her “Normal campaign speech because it would have been “Dishonest and insincere for.

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By name, referring to him as a Candidate. she began her speech by referring to. What she called a “Brutal week in an Philippines Mobile Number Database already brutal election.” lamentthe “Hateful and hurtful language about women” during the campaign, saying it is “Painful” especially for . Those who expect leaders to have “Basic standards of human decency.” her voice crack as she recall a meeting with young women at the white house on . “I told them that they ne to be treatwith . Dignity and respect,” said. “I want them to understand that any society is measur by how women and girls are treat.

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to my core in a way I would never have prict.” she add: “I know this is a campaign, but this is not about politics. “It’s about basic France Phone Number List human decency. In the video, trump can be heard describing in graphic terms how. He uses his celebrity status to gain access to women. After the material was publish last week by the post. Several women have report that trump touch them inappropriately. Trump has den those accusations and has. Already minimiz the comments made in the video, calling them “Locker room talk . A t a rally  ,reject that explanation. “This wasn’t just a vulgar conversation,” he said. This was not a locker room joke.