Employers have a problem with new employees. Managers are reporting a growing number. Of cases of recently hired graduates. And young workers who become easily .Demotivated in the office. When things get tough, they even call . Their parents for advice. Recruiting experts warn that young workers often. Lack the ability to bounce back from setbacks and persist. In the face of challenges. Some refer to that ability as endurance. Others call it resilience. “I don’t think they have experienced enough . Adversity to have built the capacity for. Resilience,” said armin mccrea-dastur. A senior human resources director at danone of north america.

How to increase resilience

Alison heron, in charge of graduate. Recruitment strategy at pharmaceutical giant. Glaxosmithkline. Says many young people lack Kuwait Mobile Number Database resilience because they have. Become too reliant on the help and guidance. Their parents give them. Universities are also worried. They say that “helicopter parents. And mistakes in education have led to. A generation less inclined to persevere. Interview what has changed? «I think the lack of resilience is related to our culture. Of immediate reward for the smallest achievement. We do not demand from our children, we do not set the bar high enough. And we shower them with praise regardless of the level of achievement. Said david , director of employer relations at yale university.

Different expectations

This false sense of accomplishment in the protective bubble. Of home has left some young adults with an inability to tolerate small Vietnam Phone Number List setbacks in the real world,” he added. Others blame rigid planning at universities. They believe it does a disservice to. Young people who feel lost when they are thrown. Into less structured workplaces. Some young people try to plan their careers in the same. Way they organize their school schedules. But real life doesn’t work that way. Some universities have already recognized the magnitude of the problem, and are changing their strategy. The georgia institute of technology. Overhauled its school programs this year. “We’re teaching students not just. How to get a job, but how a job works,” said michelle . Director of the institute’s career center.