Developing great technological advances. Innovative smartphones, televisions with the implementation of  that represented a true revolution in the way televisions should be built and the four-in-one washing and drying system that has recently been awarded two CES Innovation Awards, among others. Projects, which positioned them as a leader in the electronic sector. They diversified their products, finding a niche for a sector of potential clients who were outside the market and managed to bring the innovative process closer. to all business areas. They managed innovation management from product development, marketing, production costs and organizational culture, allowing all their workers the freedom to learn from mistakes and success.

Its effective innovation formula

Has given it an important position among the most innovative companies. We emphasize: They placed the customer as the focus. They understood that it is impossible to remain an electronic leader if they did not invest in research and creation. For them, they lowered their costs and invested in R&D projects. They innovated from all Italy Phone Number Data business areas. Not only from the development area. They allowed their workers to be part of the innovative culture. 2. General Electric is one of the strongest multinationals in the world. It dates back to when Thomas Alba Edison founded the company he called Edison General Electric.

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A lot has happened since that

moment, and the activities of this proliferating company that has known how to diversify its actions and its products are very diverse. In the innovation section, which is what concerns us, GE occupies. A well-deserved position as a leading company in Russia Phone Number List innovation, at least for two significant and differentiating aspects. The first of them, Ecomagination, which arises as a conscious response to the great environmental impacts for which the enormous economic activity is responsible. It is because of this that General Electrics has felt the need to allocate talent and  Ecomagination. Is reliable proof that to innovate you need passion, resources and motives.