Prophet in his own land. Much Simón peres nobel  less in the land of prophets. At home he was the moderate center-left. Leader who lost elections to tough guys from the nationalist right. Like begin or (in 1996). In the rest of the world he was the flowery. Negotiator who got de to . Sell his first nuclear reactor to the fine diplomat who. Help forge the accords with the and who shar the peace. Prize with and . During almost seven decades running through the. Entire scale of power in the state, born in in. What was and today is had plenty of. Time to see that it is always. Possible to learn from mistakes. He was the friendly face of .

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Heart of the last founder of , of the youth elite. That patriarch ben , first head of the government after independence. Chose to launch a Azerbaijan Mobile Number Database new nation in after the un approv. The partition of under . At that time  was already buying weapons for the. The embryo of the so-call defense forces. Last he had to be hospitaliz in after suffering a heart attack. A massive stroke that left him on the brink of a . A week ago put an end to his days this morning. It is difficult not to find his mark in. Practically every chapter of contemporary history. In which he was a protagonist from his very birth.

The current head of government

Netanyahu, and former prime minister had to make. Room for him a year ago on the stage of a cinema after the premiere of the film . Which Spain Phone Number List describes the operation carri out at the. Tel airport in to put an end to the hijacking of. A plane belonging to the then  flag carrier. Netanyahu and were young commando. Officers who participat in the assault under. Tehe orders of the legendary defense minister . And ? He was the skillful minister of transport who negotiat behind the scenes. So that the military could operate at ease. The veteran politician did not get up from the. Chair and gave the platform to the next generation of leaders. Despite the setbacks of the  state’s political. Peres maintain his parliamentary record in the . Almost uninterruptly for more than 48 years.