Logo and brand images product images Descriptive and commercial texts Contact information Prices, payment methods and shipping policies Legal texts With a CMS like , you cover the data by sections and product sheets, which makes the task much easier and prevents us from leaving important information unaccounted for. Nowadays, in addition, creating content is easier than ever thanks to the multiple AI tools that generate both text and images. Once you have your resources at hand, start “feeding” your website, adding them to your content manager.

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Assemble everything at once, you can test and upload your products little by little to see how they work. 4. Customize your page Almost any CMS today comes with predefined templates or themes with which you can view your ecommerce instantly. Here you can see an New Zealand Telegram Number Data example of some Woo Commerce WordPress themes . In addition, you can customize all of them with your corporate image by changing the colors, fonts… Or edit them by modifying their structure, menus or adding new functionalities with plugins. Select a theme that best suits your needs to make it easy for you to edit your store.

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Simplicity, avoiding unnecessary sections or functionalities that complicate the subsequent management of your page. 5. Publish and spread your store Once you have your store to your liking, all that remains is to publish and share it so that it reaches the Egypt Telegram Number greatest number of users. Take advantage of the potential of social networks or spread it among your people so that the options for achieving sales multiply. Do you have any questions? On the blog you have a complete tutorial to set up your store.