Their biggest challenge is two things – getting appointments, especially because each prospect already has some insurance and it is not so easy to convince them to change, and when they finally have the appointment and manage to convince their client to change to SA, The salesperson must send the policy by email to the client to approve for the contract to come into force.  and is trying to talk to the legal department about how to make the process faster. Legal Department requests more resources to be able to be faster with policies, Commercial Department requests more resources to meet objectives. Customers continue to complain, and customer service department continues to work.

Bridge in the middle of an ocean

What would happen if SA would have a common site where all customer complaints and imperfections are unified and employees from all business areas could enter and see the complaints and imperfections that others have been finding. Additionally, when someone sees a complaint or improvement that they agree with, they can show that they Indonesia Phone Number Data agree or they can suggest an improvement for the improvement. If the way customer feedback and improvements proposed by employees are presented is correct, it is inevitable that recurring problems will stand out. Eye! “ The way it is presented” is the key. If there are 4,000 lines in an Excel, they don’t even open it. If it is a complex online system – the same thing happens. The only way that works today is something extremely simple and visual. We spend all day with very attractive online applications like Facebook or WhatsApp or Slack – because they should be different office tools.

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It must be easy and attractive for

The employee to use it. When we ensure that customer and employee feedback is in We began to develop the business in a way not seen before. Above all, two fundamental things radically change. Realize a very important detail! With a system where we focus on uniting complaints and proposals for improvements from employees and Indonesia Phone Number List customers, it is not necessary for the sales manager and legal department manager and customer service manager and branding manager to be all in the same place or in the same conference at the same time, which is often completely impossible, but each manager can make their comments and opinion known when they have free time.