Since it is usually only one party That evaluates the ideas, And as a result, many of the ideas with potential could be discarded Poor results and lack. To of transparency lead to Downward spiral of participatory culture, And consequently A decrease in activity as well as potentially worse results. If for example with weekly or monthly internal newsletters Streamline decision making. To Recognize and reward previously implemented Ideas and Active participants. Recommended processes for innovation management Basically We have discussed Three different types of processes that have Been applied in companies That are successful in this field.

Of course there are minor differences

In how Companies Apply Those models As they Should, But Fundamentally Those Variants Are The Same Below We will Explain These models, And Discuss Their Suitability For Different Types Of Companies And Use cases. The Centralized model The first of them Is Called UK WhatsApp Number Data Centralized model. This Idea is Very Simple Primarily employees have ideas and submit them To. Transparent system, Which in turn notifies The People Responsible For the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthat idea called Category managers. After which That idea is Further Developed collaboratively. Decisions Are made at an assembly Or similar Meeting. Of The management team. Which Meets periodically To Discuss Whether The Ideas Are going to be carried out or Not.

If they are not carried out

The decision is communicated To interested parties Automatically Through The system, After The status Has Changed. If there is A green light The Idea Could Implemented In. The existing project, The project Manager is For all Intents And purposes, Responsible Canada WhatsApp Number List For communicating the Status of The idea to. Interested Parties through The System, Something as quick as making A Couple of clicks and The. To status message Is updated. If The implementation Concerns. Which it Is Necessary To Make Decisions Again About whether Or Not To Put It Into Practice. In That Case The Management Team Will Make Those Decisions.